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5 Things In My Shopping Cart Right Now

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Although my main focus is always DIY projects and home decor, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of my favorite pieces that are sitting in my shopping cart as we speak! I'll continue to share my top 5 things I have my eye on every Monday! They will always be budget friendly options to make your house feel more like home. :)

Week 2:

1 - Brb! Swapping all of my fiddle leaf figs for olive trees. But seriously, I'm loving the olive tree trend and I'm ready to dive right in with this precious one at World Market.

2 - I actually already have this necklace with a "T" and an "O" and I love them so much I felt like they were worth mentioning. They are under $12!!! They can be worn layered or side by side.

3 - This mirror is adorable! I've had my eye on it for Tatum's room or the kid's bathroom.

4 - I'm really into Collection Prints right now. It's affordable art that brings all your neutrals together. This print gives me all the feels.

5 - I've always wanted spindle chairs and these white colors feel fresh while also providing a fun texture.



Week 1:

1 - Isn't this lamp to die for?! I'm really into the white on off white, white on white combos! It's currently 30% off!

2 - I'm always looking for cute/functional storage bins for all of the millions of toys we have around the house. You'll never believe where I found them!

3 - Black accent table. Need I say more?!

4 - How cute is this wicker accent chain? This would go perfectly on top of some coffee table books or a styled shelf.

5 - I will be getting this rug or something very similar once we put hardwood in the living area!



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1 Comment

Sheryl Sands
Jul 21, 2020

I absolutely love that lamp and rug!!! You have such a great eye:-)!

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