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DIY Scribble Art

I'm really excited to share my very first YouTube video on my blog! The video walks you through step by step on how to make your own scribble art! I absolutely love statement art in my home. When we moved to Denver I searched high and low to try to find big pieces of art that wouldn't break the bank. My taste changes every 3-5 years so I found it hard to pull the trigger on expensive art. I decided to make it myself! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen the large piece I made a couple weeks ago.

I wanted something BIG and BOLD to fill a wall and make a statement when you first walk in. The second project I outlined in my YouTube video is smaller and more subtle but generally the same idea. The canvases are from Michael's and are currently 70% off! I hope this video inspires you. Please reach out with any questions you have!

always, abby

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1 Comment

Jun 28, 2020

Love your style!

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