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Owen's New Room

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I'm so excited to share Owen's new room with you! I was super nervous to tackle DIY wallpaper. I had never put wallpaper in my homes before so this was new and uncharted territory. I knew I didn't want to commit to something too busy for fear that I would hate it soon after putting it up. Owen is obsessed with doggies, or "goggies" as he would say, so I wanted to add a splash of it without making the room too theme-y. I absolutely love the way his room turned out! It's so him but can also be very transitional as he grows up and wants a more big boy room.

The very first design element I knew I wanted was a wallpaper accent wall. I ended up going with Raffia Wallpaper in Navy from the Caspia Collection by Wallquest from Burke Decor. This was SO easy to put up! I used a roller, wallpaper adhesive (I used almost an entire gallon), a smoothing tool, and a very sharp utility knife.

I found the dog prints on Etsy here. I printed 8x10 versions from Shutterfly and framed them in these matted frames. The blanket over his bed is actually to hide all the bite marks on the side of his crib. Owen is our resident beaver. It's from Ballard Designs.

The bookshelf in the corner is from Amazon. I've linked it here. This is definitely a cheaper option than the Pottery Barn version we have in our playroom.

I ended up finding his lamp at a Home Goods here in Denver and his circular monogram I found here.

Thanks for following along on my first blog post! Stay tuned for more fun DIY decor inspo and tutorials!

always, abby

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1 Comment

Jun 27, 2020

I love what you have done in this room! The wall paper looks great!

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