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Stokes White

Hi guys!

It's been a while since I've written a blog post as most of my content you'll find on my Instagram. I've been promising a post on my wall color as it is probably my most frequently asked question. Well, here it goes...

I labored hard over this, y'all! Who would have thought there would be 47,392 shades of white to choose from?! Warm whites, cool whites, neutral whites, white whites, gray whites... and the list goes on. After consulting my closest friends and family and debating the whites ad nauseum, I had finally narrowed it down to two whites: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore and Stokes White by Sherwin Williams.

One of my favorite bloggers, Megan Stokes, created Stokes White after not loving the yellow undertone of Swiss Coffee in her living room. Here is the link to her blog post that goes into more detail and compares Swiss Coffee to her custom formula.

The reason why I ultimately went with Stokes White is because it's a completely neutral white that is not blinding or stark. It's crisp and clean; not warm or cool. The perfect white!

If you decide to go with Stokes White you won't regret it! Take this picture into your local Sherwin Williams and they will be able to mix it up for you!



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